How Would You Respond? The Highway to He-Double Hockey Sticks

As my friends and I drove down the 101 freeway (and if you’re from California, I pray that you know what this is), we encountered an interesting situation.  We were driving in my friend’s truck, we saw a few motorcyclists behind us.  In my mind, I imagine people on motorcycles to look like this:

finks-data (1)

In reality, they were not the regular motorcycle gang.  They were not intimidating, frightening, or seemingly intense riders.  But that’s not for me to judge.  They did look quite similar to a group of men that are a different type of bikers.  I hope you recognize them as well.  Here are their look alikes:


And yes, I am referring to the Wild Hogs, a great movie in my opinion.  These men on the 101 did not handle things how I expected though.  Apparently, unknowingly, we messed up this gang’s formation.  Although I felt bad about this blunder at first, the next few minutes changed my perspective.  The way that we respond to things, good and bad, can change others’ opinions.

We were blindsided as one of the bikers came up next to us, flipped us off, and screamed, “F*** you!”  After the shock passed, we sat there trying to think of what we did to upset this older gentleman.  We laughed it off and kept on driving.  

30 second later, the gang cut us off one by one, coming extremely close to the front bumper of the car.  Was it worth it?  To risk one’s life over a motorcycle formation?  

Though this is just an interesting and somewhat enjoyable story to relive and tell, it does have a lesson.  In our lives, people and situations will constantly be interfering with our plans, or formations.  How we respond to these roadblocks is a game-changer.  We can respond negatively, with a bad attitude and unhappy intentions, causing us to falter.  We can also respond with positivity, thinking about how lucky we are to even have a bike in the first place.  

The choice is yours.  

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One Response to How Would You Respond? The Highway to He-Double Hockey Sticks

  1. Porter says:

    The friend who’s truck you were in sounds like a stud

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