Achieving Happiness: Part 1

Achieving Happiness: Part 1

A very happy man once told me, “I am the happiest man on Earth. You can’t be happier than me, but you can and hopefully are as happy as me.”

We all want happiness. It is as simple as that. The mindset of this man is something we should all strive towards. We see others’ joy and become jealous. We wish that we had their life, their things, and their joys. What would happen though if we decided to be the happiest person on Earth?

We could smile, instead of frown. We could say “please” and “thank you”. We could be grateful. We could send kind-hearted texts and emails, just for the sake of making someone smile.

This happiness seems unattainable, unreachable, and sometimes impossible. We don’t know how to be happy (I don’t know either) and we (including me) turn towards physical, tangible things, such as money and cars and luxuries of this world. We are all in this pursuit of happiness together though. It seems fitting that happiness can only be achieved with the help of others.

Look towards the intangible. Be loving, and you will feel love. Be joyful, and you feel the joy of others. Be appreciative. Be positive, and don’t forget just how lucky you are to be alive.

Go back to the top of this post and look at the picture of the sunset. It’s beautiful, right?
Now, I want you to do something. Make time to go see the sunset or the sunrise this next week. Sacrifice 20 minutes of your life to witness the beauty of the world.

And if that’s not enough for you, check out this video. It’s a perfect example of people that are doing what they love, and brightening people’s days. These guys are happy, and even if they aren’t (but they are), they are making others’ smile.

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. A cliché? Yes. The truth? Even more so.

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One Response to Achieving Happiness: Part 1

  1. chloe says:

    \I am not tech savvy in any way, i think blogs take too much time and too much words. the post on happiness is pure bliss. Just the simplicity of capturing the sunset like that! BEAUTIFUL! i am very happy you made this and will definatley follow

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