The Ugly Truth

Five minutes ago, there were 31 million people with blogs in the United States.  Now, that number has risen to 31 million and 1.

Blogging and honesty.  Two things that certainly do not seem to mix.  Honesty used to be required, a simple fact of society and daily life. Now, honesty is something that we can only hope for.  Yet, we expect the most honest information and the most honest answers from all that we meet and all things that we read.  The ugly truth is that honesty is not certain.  It was taken for granted, and it has become a privilege only for a small minority.

Although this is not the most positive perspective, it is the most honest.  The importance of honesty is immeasurable.  Everyone knows the saying, “The truth hurts,” and it hurts so much because we are not accustomed to it.  It is not common, not normal, not acceptable.

Don’t believe me?  See the truth for yourself.

Told you.


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7 Responses to The Ugly Truth

  1. Nic Parvex says:

    That was the best blog ever!!!!!!😃

  2. Andrew Frank says:

    Wow. Informative AND sarcastic! I will definitely become a follower of this guy!

  3. Julia says:


  4. Bob says:


  5. Porter Brandt says:

    Atta kid Michael Frank

  6. lexy says:

    you clever homosapien you. so witty.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am now a changed person.

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